A novel reason to quit Spotify

A short time after I left my job at Spotify, the company was ranked by Newsweek as America’s #1 most-loved workplace. I’d like to think my departure didn’t contribute to this milestone, as my eight years at the platform were nothing short of thrilling.

Joining the Comms team as a smart-ass ex-CNN journalist, I learned the dark arts of PR from a team of talented, innovative and creative colleagues. I enjoyed a unique role as Spotify’s spokesperson and trends storyteller, and host of the company’s corporate podcast during an exciting period of meteoric growth for the company.

My experience with Spotify, combined with a decade at CNN spent interviewing an alphabet of top talent from music and movies, has left an indelible mark. Collectively, you shared a wealth of stories, your passions, your laughter and your inspirations.

Now, as I embark on this adventure into the unknown, I can’t help but feel a debt of gratitude for those experiences. They’ve given me the courage to finally release the brakes on a goal I’ve had since I was a dreamy, freckle-faced girl falling out of eucalyptus trees in Australia – to write a novel. 

The late, great composer Ennio Morricone described music as “energy, space and time” (thank you, Yo-Yo Ma for bringing that to my attention). I really love this idea. You might say it also applies to writing.

So with renewed energy and some space (demands of my kids permitting), I’m delighted to have given myself the gift of a little time to fulfill this lifelong dream. I can’t wait to write this book! 


Photo: Chris Sorensen

2 thoughts on “A novel reason to quit Spotify

  1. Congratulations Shanon I can’t wait to see what you produce :-)!
    I’m sure those beautiful kids will be very helpful in this time.
    Love to you all

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