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Hey there!

I’m Shanon! Thanks for stopping by. I’m an Aussie mom of two living in Brooklyn. I left a cool job at Spotify to write my debut novel (whaaa?!). On my blog I’ll share musings about how it’s all going, as well as anything else that makes me think, laugh or freak out. Oh, and I tend to be a little cheeky a lot of the time, so let’s see where this takes us…

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Shanon Cook in black leather jacket.

About Me

Formerly a CNN broadcast journalist and Spotify podcast host, I’ve been fortunate to interview many prominent artists, including Katy Perry, Lil Nas X, BTS, Dolly Parton, Kanye West, Britney Spears, Sting, Shakira, Alicia Keys, Yo-Yo Ma and Mariah Carey. It’s been a wild ride so far!

Most recently I worked at Spotify as the company’s spokesperson and trends storyteller. After 8 years there, I decided to make a change and focus on a big passion of mine – fiction writing. I’m working on my first novel, while also raising two awesome daughters in Brooklyn. 

I grew up in gorgeous Australia and am a firm believer that home is where the heart is. Thankfully, my heart travels well. 🙂  

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